Social Media and Social Networking Sites are a collective term used to describe Internet hosted and Web powered applications and platforms allowing interactions with each other across a wide variety of social activities.


Although in our generation it appears to have been a newly minted concept the process of interaction, the human need for this interaction and the motivational drivers underpinning it have always existed. Massi summarises and superimposes the motivational drivers for Social Media & Networking usage on the famed Maslow hierachy of needs:

  • Discovery
  • Altruism
  • Social
  • Fame
  • Escapism
  • Expression

Not difficult to argue the science and this study was completed in 2010 when MySpace still featured.

What arguably has changed significantly is the speed, breadth and depth of interaction. Ranging not only from initially posting a video or a comment on one platform to multitudes of platforms with a single click. Social Media have ensured we are always connected.

It is important to remember all Social Media users are active Web users but that not all Web users are Social Media participants! Similar to the evolution of the Web, Social Network sites have over time evolved allowing users and publishers to push and pull content form each other. This not only was underpinned by the technology evolution causing the Web to transform from being one directional but was hastened predominately by the the sharp and sustained rise in in mobile device adoption rates and technology advancements.

Today we have the tools to co-create, collaborate and partake in immersive experiences from across the world without leaving our chairs. For Brands and Businesses this has significant meaning:

  • Social Media is here until forever
  • Social Media ensures depth and breadth of interactions are increasing
  • Timely, consistent messaging & content across platforms are crucial
  • Ensure content consumers are engaged transparently or you will be caught
  • On and offline experiences should complement each other not be an obstacle

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