My sabbatical

After a 2 week self imposed cellphone usage sabbatical, I’ve come to a few realisations:

  • Comms with loved-ones/friends are disrupted: Email and smses can’t replace WhatsApp.
  • Banking: Without an active cellphone online payments to new accounts or purchasing through a third party retailer like takealot, even when using a desktop is impossible. The authentication processes for payments in our hyper connected world require a cellphone for our own protection, which is a good thing.
  • Directions: Using printed maps and directions are irritating and not worth the effort. The convenience of Google Maps on a mobile device is irreplaceable and significantly more safer when using while driving. Not to mention the accident reports and time to destination functionality which is a godsend.
  • Public crutch: Holding a cellphone in your hand gives you something to do rather than converse with somebody, especially in a confined space like a lift. It removes the opportunity for small talk and getting to know colleagues. On the flip side it removes the awkwardness that some might feel with making small talk.

I don’t intend trying another sabbatical anytime soon but am convinced I can survive without a connected mobile device.

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